Albert G. Horton jr.

June 12, 1926 - October 17, 2002

This website is dedicated to Albert G. Horton, Jr. who was passionate about meeting the needs of the Hampton Roads community through political action. He first became involved in his community as a founding member of the Norfolk Tea Party that fought Norfolk City Council for lower tax rates and succeeded. Later he chaired a committee to examine the excessive cross-town busing that was occurring to address racial segregation. His efforts were fruitful in, not only reducing the amount of busing but also, highlighting the inconsistencies in which busing had been implemented.

However, his most notable contribution was spearheading a four-year grass roots effort that was successful in bringing a much-needed new veterans cemetery to Hampton Roads. As a Navy veteran he was deeply concerned that there was no possibility that a veteran from Hampton Roads could be buried among other veterans within a reasonable distance from his home. In response, he helped establish the Hampton Roads Veterans’ Cemetery Committee. He was tireless in mobilizing over 65 local, regional and statewide organizations into a powerful force that made the cemetery a reality. Ironically just as the cemetery project was clearing its last hurdles, Albert Horton died suddenly at the age of 76. In appreciation for all of his efforts, the cemetery was dedicated in his name. Today, the Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery is a beautiful 73-acre site in Suffolk that the veterans of the Hampton Roads community can depend on as an eternal place to rest in honor.